The Carmel Artomobilia judging process seeks to recognized and celebrate the art and design of great automobiles. This process is two-fold: Specialty Judges concentrate primarily on period-accuracy and originality, while Honorary Judges focus their attention to automotive art and design.

Specialty Judges evaluate all of the entries in a particular class to determine if they fairly and accurately represent cars within that category, period and class. Further, each specialty judge is an authority on specific marques or categories, and they judge only the class related to their area of expertise.

Groups of Honorary Judges, overseen by the class Specialty Judge, undertake the more subjective task of determining the specific class winners based on the most desirable design and style selected from the best original and/or period correct entries. 

To be eligible to win the “Artomobilia Best of Show” or “Artomobilia Penultimate” — the event’s two top awards — a car must be exemplary within its own class, and be truly exceptional across all the car classes.  The two most outstanding and deserving entries are selected and escalated to “Artomobilia Best in Show” candidates.

“Artomobilia First in Class” winners, as well as the two “Artomobilia Best in Show” candidates, will be directed to the Main Stage area where they will be positioned for the start of the Awards Celebration & Ceremony.  Awards are presented to each of the “Artomobilia First in Class Winners”, and then the two “Artomobilia Best in Show” candidates are brought before the Main Stage.  Following a on-stage personal interview of the two candidates, the Judging Committee Chairman will briefly convene members of the Specialty Judging team and Honorary Judging team to determine the winning entry, the “Artomobilia Best in Show”, and the runner-up, the “Artomobilia Penultimate”.


The Carmel Artomobilia presents nearly 30 awards each year.  These include:

  • "Artomobilia Best of Show" Award presented to the event winner.
  • "Artomobilia Penultimate" Award presented to the runner-up.
  • "Artomobilia First in Class" Awards presented to the winner of each judged class.