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Before seeing some of the most beautiful cars at FUELICIOUS and ARTOMOBILIA, let’s hit the road accompanied by your oldest friends and newest acquaintances and enjoy the art and design of the automobile in motion.  Few things compare to the hands-on experience of carving through some of the best roads Southern Indiana has to offer alongside an eclectic group of collectors and enthusiasts and their distinct cars; in keeping with our standards at FUELICIOUS and ARTOMOBILIA, we're seeking a specific group of cars, and car owners, to deliver a unique experience that provides a broad array of performance cars over the past 50 years.



Because KAR Auction Services is the presenting sponsor for ARTOMOBILIA, we are able to include members of the KAR Team, plus a passenger(guest), in our fantastic driving event on Friday, August 23rd. Please register below, as directed, and you will receive your SHIFT instructions in the coming days.

Please use your corporate email when registering. Thank you!



Foremost, SHIFT is about having a great EXPERIENCE.  We will start as a group in downtown Indianapolis with coffee, a light breakfast, and a thorough review of the routes, rules, and requirements.  Drivers will then depart Indianapolis and head south to drive an array of hand-selected roads that will excite and delight, while keeping spirited driving and performance capabilities within the responsible limits of the law.  Along the way, in “poker run” style, drivers will collect their first two playing cards in pursuit of a winning hand for the day.  After a stopping for a third card, lunch, and non-alcoholic refreshments, the group will head north, making a quick stop to pick up a fourth card before arriving at our final destination back in downtown Indianapolis. Here drivers will collect their final cards, share the day's experiences, and celebrate the balance of the afternoon with their newfound rally colleagues.



Register below using your corporate email, and we’ll look forward to seeing you at SHIFT on Friday, August 23rd starting at SILO Auto Club & Conservancy.

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