We don’t think about MOTORIOUS as a completely new event as much as the logical extension, with further refinement, of previous automotive celebrations. To that end, we have organized our FEATURES, SPECIALTIES & CLASSES within the scope of previous events, and then expanded areas that we believe with deliver an unforgettable experience for both entrants and guests… and an unmatched collection of legendary automobiles. We will host 103 original, restored and period-correct entries across nearly 20 features, specialties and traditional classes. We invite you to review our line-up and see how you can be apart of it. Interested parties can register online as exhibitors in a Feature, Specialty, Class or Exhibition.  Registration will continue through Friday, July 5, 2019.  Please register early, due to the anticipated popularity and selective nomination process. Early registrants will be given preference.   Acceptances are sent out during the first week of each month.  We look forward to seeing you in August.


FEATUREd classes

Join us in August as we celebrate PERFORMANCE, ITALIAN-STYLE as our 2019 Feature with a retrospective of Italian performance of race and road cars whose provenance intersects with the heritage of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and IMS Museum and it’s basement Vault. Guests at MOTORIOUS will discover an incredible array of Italian performance both delights and surprises. From historic race entries from the likes of Ralph DePalma and Mario Andretti to the innovative, technological leadership of Dallara, the influence of Italian performance and style is on the automotive road and race industry is undeniable.

  • Performance, Italian-Style: Italian Cars with IMS/Museum Heritage - All Years

  • Early Italian - 1947-1957

  • Late Italian - 1976-1996

  • Italian Limited Production - 1948-1965



Our Specialty Class represent the genesis of automotive innovation and design.

  • Antique, through 1924

  • Vintage (CCCA), 1925 – 1942

  • Early Classic (CCCA), 1915 – 1935

  • Late Classic (CCCA), 1936 – 1948



The Traditional Classes highlight a broad cross-section of automotive design.

  • European Collector Cars, 1946 - 1985

  • American Collector Cars, 1946 – 1968

  • Classic Sportscars, through 1959

  • Contemporary Sportscars, 1960 – 1995

  • Track & Road Racing, All Years

  • American Muscle, 1961 – 1971

  • Future Classic, 2000 – Present

  • Early Unrestored Survivors - Pre-1960

  • Late Unrestored Survivors - Post-1960



Exhibition Groups, as its name implies, are for exhibition only. However, that doesn’t take away from any of the scrutiny applied to selecting each entry. Rather it indicates the desire to have a select group of significant cars to present, but some legitimate concern that judging one car against another may not do justice to the group. Instead, we’ve decided to include each of the entrants, and celebrate the significance of the group as a whole.

  • IMS Pace Cars - Years ending in 9: 1911 - 1941

  • IMS Pace Cars - Years ending in 9: 1942 - 1978

  • IMS Pace Cars - Years ending in 9: 1979 - Present