2019 Sports Shirts

2019 Sports Shirts

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Every year, our event merchandise just keeps getting better. With our partners at FinnRyan, we have designed an incredible shirt that features styling cues from more than 60 years of Lamborghini and fully support our “La Corsa Dei Tori” or “Running of the Bulls” for 2019. The shirts are light-weight, and beautifully crafted from the highest quality materials, and with incredible attention to detail. Each shirt features the event logos, as well as the logos of key sponsors from each of our events during the weekend.

This year, we’re making them available on a pre-order basis during the month of June… and then ship them to your door during the first week of August, so you’ll have them to wear during Artomobilia Weekend. Any orders after June 30th will be limited to a select number of men’s sizes. So, don’t miss this opportunity to pre-order your event shirts in men’s and women’s sizes.

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